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Dennis Darling: Home Page

My only message to you is to dream, is to dream.

 That's what I wrote in a song called "My Only Message" back in the 1980's. It's still true. The song is on a CD called Book Of Dreams that is for sale through, a link to which can be found under the tab Links To Other Sites.

 There are at least seven CDs by "dD" (that's me) listed for sale under my name, dennis Darling, at  So buy some music, if you are so inclined. Pay-per-song downloads of individual tunes are also available through various online services of that nature, or so I'm told.

 There's also a bunch of free totally downloadable music of various persuasions available right here on this very website, some of it listed under "Meditation Music",so please wander about and have at it and check out the extensive photo gallery and outdated bios of bandmates from another life, etc.

Send me your feedback, too. Good luck!